As the part of Power competence Center, two small photovoltaic plant was built on the roof of Nabla plus business / warehouse building.

solarna-elektrana-02First photovoltaic system is called NABLA 1, and this is 10kWp network system, which all its produces electricity sends in main network.

Second photovoltaic system is 1,25kWp island system. Thanks to its battery system, this island photovoltaic system is completely independent of the main distribution power network and is used for fulfilling part of the electricity consumption of Nabla plus.

Both of the photovoltaic systems are investment that allows Nabla plus to produce its own energy and by that directly reducing power costs. Besides that, PQCC will use the photovoltaic systems as test system for testing the power quality, impact on the network, measuring and testing the parameters of the system as well as the efficiency of photovoltaic systems in general.

The Power quality competence Center, together with its installed network and island photovoltaic systems, is available to all interested parties who wants to see a practical example and find out more about overall positive and negative impact of this kind of systems.




 You can find more photos in Photo Gallery.


 Display of power plant operation in real time is shown here.


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