Goal of the project “Through innovation and energy analysis to efficiency” was increasing the competitiveness of Nabla plus through development of innovative products and services connected to energy efficiency, in line with the highest international standards. Power Quality Competence Center with lab and workshop is built as one of the tool for achieving this goal. The lab is equipped with devices for power quality measurement and analysis of object current energy efficiency condition. Analysis of given data allows the Center to suggest solution for improving the energy efficiency of everyday business which will lead to lower cost, business process optimization and higher market competitiveness.

Regarding the Croatia being the part of European Union, above-average power consumption of SMEs, general state economy issues and Small Business Act for Europe initiative, our project was recognized by European Union institutions. Within the Support for Increasing the Competitiveness of Croatian SMEs scheme, we have signed the contract for subsidization the project “Through innovation and energy analysis to efficiency”. This project was subvention by European Regional Development Fund, as part of the Regional Competitiveness Operational Program. Value of whole project is 209.916,99 € – from which Fund financed 85 % ( 178.429,44 €).

krovelThe project leader is Nabla plus, that for nearly two decades working one electrical equipment and engineering market, and project partner is the company Krovel.

Project is based on new laboratory and workshop within the existing Nabla plus office building, as well as on integration of two photovoltaic systems on the roof of the same building. In addition, employee’s education and certification was obtained. These employees will obtain the measuring, analysis and implementation of solution for better efficiency results.

In order to be efficiently meet the future customer’s needs, the PQCC is equipped for power factor correction, testing, technical, harmonics and data analysis, remote data acquisition and archiving. C/CR certificate is also obtained: this has opened up the possibilities to carry out the EU standards conformity assessment and to place new products on European market too.


To become Center which will enable insight to current situation for all customers, build up the plan for energy efficiency increase, as well as products and services for implementation.


To enable the implementation of solution for energy efficiency increase for all the users, by usage of the modern measuring equipment.


EU institution tendencies that led to this project

The European Commission invest great deal of effort in defining policy issues affecting entrepreneurship and SMEs across the Europe. The Commission promotes the growth of SMEs through the Small Business Act for Europe (SBA), which includes an initiative to raise SMEs awareness of environmental and energy-related issues as well as for assessing their environmental and energy performance and upgrading the silks and qualifications.
Member states have committed to implementing the SBA alongside the European Commission in an effort to make the EU the better place to do business and the Government of Republic of Croatia is running the Program of Incentives to Small and Medium-Size Enterprise 2008-2012 with the same objective. As the Action correlates to the SBA initiatives and priority areas the Program of Incentives to Small and Medium-Size Enterprise 2008-2012 (strengthening the competitive ability, raising, raising the quality of entrepreneurial infrastructure and strengthening the entrepreneurial climate in the society) the Specific objective of this Action was set to Increasing company’s competitiveness through development of innovative products and energy efficient strategies in compliance with the best international standards.




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The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

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